What are your favorite games of all time?

Here are my top five favorite games, plus an amazing honorable mention.

What is a #RAYD?

A #RAYD is where at the end of my stream I send all my viewers to another channel to raid their chat. The point of this is to show my viewers some cool Twitch channels that I'm a fan of. I think this is a great way to give some other channels some exposure while giving my viewers something else to watch. Subscribers can use the brownRAYD emote while non subscribers can write "#RAYD" to join in the fun. Please note, if me or any of my mods see you harassing, overly spamming or just annoying the #RAYD target you will be banned in my channel. This is meant to be fun for everyone, if you don't like the #RAYD target then just leave their channel, if you do be sure to give the channel a follow!

What is your mailing address?

2110 W Slaughter Ln
Unit #107-172
Austin, Texas 78748

Why did you leave RoosterTeeth?

I wanted to pursue streaming full time and unfortunately I could not do both.

What is your streaming schedule?

I stream everyday except Monday & Thursday.

Who is Tina?

Tina is my girlfriend. She is pretty swell. She also streams, you can check out her channel here.

Will your streams be uploaded to Youtube?

Yes, unless I say otherwise it will be uploaded here.

How did you get the nickname BrownMan?

I explain it here.