A gamer for almost his entire life, Ray Narvaez Jr has been creating gaming content for nearly a decade. He initially got his start by making achievement guides on YouTube. Eventually, Ray moved to Austin, Texas to work full time at Rooster Teeth Productions. During his three years there Ray continued his work on achievement guides as well as appeared in hundreds of Let's Plays with the rest of the Achievement Hunter cast. 

At the end of 2013 Ray starting streaming on twitch.tv as a hobby. By streaming several times a week and being highly interactive, Ray quickly built an audience on the Twitch platform. For a year and a half he would film 'Lets Plays' during the day at Rooster Teeth and stream in the evenings or on weekends. Finally, in April of 2015 Ray left his position at Achievement Hunter to pursue full-time streaming. 

In the past three years Ray has amassed over 450,000 followers on twitch and built a very dedicated community.
Ray's streams are focus mainly on Xbox games and unlocking achievements to further his already impressive gamerscore.

Ray's streams feature a lot of chat interaction mixed with his quick wit and dry humor he is known for. As a full-time streamer, he streams every day except for Monday's and Thursday.

Ray lives in Austin, TX with his girlfriend, Tina Dayton, and their dog, a Shiba-Inu named Charlie.